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My background

I have been in Baja California Sur, Mexico for 15 years. While here, I helped build and run a restaurant from a small taco stand to a 6 page menu breakfast/lunch/dinner phenomenon. We have hosted food & wine pairings since 2007. Although the food/wine pairings were actually conceived in 2005 in Jamestown, California where we purchased a hotel/restaurant in the Gold County. Before that, I published a book on wine tasting in Napa Valley as  a hobby.


How I got started

In 1996 I moved just South of Napa Valley. Since I moved to sunny California, I had many friends come visit me. I became their designated tour guide to Napa Valley, Monterrey Bay, etc. since I LOVE exploring. I visited Cabo San Lucas in 1999 and moved here in 2002. Cabo has grown incredibly in the last decade and there are many restaurants and things to do from golfing, sunning, whale watching, and of course we can't forget about eating!


My tastes

Being in Baja which is warm most of the year, I have found my wine preferences have moved to Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, & Sancerre. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good Cab or Malbec though.  I also haven't met many Champagne or Sparkling wines I didn't like. As far as food goes, I prefer fresh, whether it be seafood or sushi. I'm not a big meat eater, although I can appreciate a good rack of lamb or filet with cabernet reduction sauce.

Food and Wine Tours

Walking Wine Tours

Come join us in downtown Cabo San Lucas to explore five different places and enjoy either a red or white wine at each. Cost $40 USD or $720 pesos

Walking Food/Wine Tours

Come join us for a progressive pairing of food & wine from 3 different restaurants in downtown Cabo San Lucas. 2 Tours a day 1pm LUNCH and 6pm DINNER. Cost $50 USD or 900 pesos

Organic Food & Juice Experience

Start off at Penny Lane Café in Pedregal, Monday though Saturday, then board transportation to Amber's Market/Mint Jungle in downtown Cabo, then finish with a short walk to a local vegan café behind the mall. Cost  $50USD or 900 pesos per person. BREAKFAST OR LUNCH ONLY. Tours start 9am and 12pm.

Family Tours - Non-alcoholic

Explore 3 different places in Cabo ending with Senior Sweets gelato!

Price $35pp or 600 pesos

Popular Tours

LUNCH or DINNER only. 10 person minimum & 48 hours notice required.

- Little Italy

- Cinco de Mayo

- Cabo Sushi & Sake

- Favorites

- Neighborhood Gems

- New babies

Travel Tours

Custom trips from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo and Todos Santos 2 days/nights a week. Transportation included with 3 stops. Minimum of 10 people and 48 hours prior notice. Price to be announced.


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